Outdoor Washing

Wastewater Discharges Prohibited

As required by Federal and State regulations, all local stormwater ordinances prohibit the discharge of cleaning chemicals and wastewater to the storm drain system (including storm drains, roadside swales, gutters, streets, sidewalks, drainage channels, swales, creeks and streams), or any natural or surface waters.

Discharges to the storm drain are only allowable when approved/permitted in writing by the Town of Carrboro Stormwater Division, the State of North Carolina DEQ, or Federal Agency.

The provided information on outdoor washing applies to:

  • Mobile contractors providing pressure washing/surface cleaning services to others
  • Businesses using pressure washing/surface cleaning equipment in their operations or maintenance (such as cleaning heavy equipment, patios, walkways, parking lots, etc).
  • Anyone (businesses and/or individuals) hiring pressure washing/surface cleaning contractors.
  • Homeowners

Possible Fines & Penalties

Any release that enters waterways or stormwater conveyance system is a violation of Town Code Section 5-32 and is subject to enforcement and fines.

It is important to understand that Businesses and individuals that don't perform their own pressure washing/surface cleaning, but hire contractors for these services, may be subject to enforcement if contractors illegally dispose of wastewater to the stormwater conveyance system or waterways on their property.

You can view the Town Code here.


Please see the guidance information provided on this page and the links to the left to assist in proper care of wastewater from outdoor washing activities. 

If you have any questions or wish to report a violation please contact the Stormwater Division at 919-913-2999 or stormwater@townofcarrboro.org.