Where Can I Charge an EV In and Around Carrboro?

The Town of Carrboro has six ChargePoint charging ports that are currently free of charge. There are two each at the Town Commons parking lot, Rosemary Street Municipal parking lot and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park. To use them, you will need either a ChargePoint card or the ChargePoint app on your smartphone (no credit card necessary).

We ask that you are considerate of your fellow motorists and remove your vehicle within 30 minutes after charging is complete and by 7 am if you leave your vehicle to charge overnight. 

At Town chargers, we have found that more than 20% of charging sessions have idle times (vehicle is no longer charging) of over an hour. This prevents others from making use of these amenities. Please be considerate of others.

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EV Charging, Equity and Climate Change                                      

Town Commons Charging station

Every day, more electric vehicles are being added to our roads as part of our transition to alternative fuels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As such, consistent and equitable access to charging infrastructure is critical to supporting this transition to electric vehicles. To address this need, charging station access has been steadily expanding through both public and private investments. 

These efforts align with the goals of the Town's Community Climate Action Plan and Carrboro Connects to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions 80% from 2010 levels by 2030. To support this goal, on June 8, 2021, the Land Use Ordinance (LUO) was amended to require EV charging stations and infrastructure in new developments.

Electric vehicle charging stations have many positive impacts on communities: they promote cleaner air, lower the overall cost of driving for community members, pave the way for other forms of clean transportation options, and help communities achieve their climate change goals. The Town conducted a suitability analysis to determine the best locations for and levels of stations to be accessible for all, with special consideration for equity impacts. Equity will continue to be instrumental in how the Town moves forward with promoting and supporting this continuing transition to alternative fuels.

Nearby Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

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Report a Broken or Damaged Charger

Please contact the Town of Carrboro's Environmental Sustainability staff to report deficient or otherwise damaged electric vehicle charging stations.

Laura Janway

Environmental Sustainability Coordinator

(919) 918 - 7326